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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grade 3 L entertained the grade R's with a little show called "The enormous elephant 

Cassidy listened to Akin telling her that he was an elephant. He told her about his new idea to go to New York because he was bored with his life in the Savanna!  She played the role of a magic monkey! Simarin (right corner) played the crazy crocodile!

Aphiwe was the story teller and she introduced the story to the audience.

Phiwo introduced the animals to the audience!

Mohnish played the enormous elephant on his way to New York!

Diya was the second magic monkey. She greeted the audience and told the elephant that she would like to go with him!

The crazy crocodile ( Aaliyah) was walking along when the elephant asked her to also go to New York with him!

Leah discribed all the animals to the audience.

Joshua played another enormous elephant and elaborated about his boring life with no excitement!

Sonali (magic monkey)  felt just like the elephant and they both decided to look for some adventure!

The crazy crocodile (Tristen) walked up to the elephant and monkey and asked them why they were looking so sad.

He decided to join them in their adventure!

The whole class took their bow to the audience!
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